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Elevating the Human Capital of Halal Industry

About Us

  • We have trained 60,000 personnel worldwide through our programmes.
  • They are 10,000 talents certified Halal Knowledge Personnel.

Halal Development Corporation (HDC)

Since our establishment in 2006, Halal Development Corporation (HDC) plays an important role in facilitating the development of the nation’s halal industry to position Malaysia as the leader in the global halal economy.


Halal Awareness Programme

A Halal programme for community-wide or audience-specific campaigns, or initiatives that increase audience knowledge and share information and resources to prevent non-conformance in Halal, promote the Halal values, and reduce perpetration in Halal processes. It is the first step of the Path to Success in the Halal economy.


Halal Certified Programme

A Halal programme to help employees prove their expertise and be more competitive in Halal affairs, thus becoming a new breed of asset for their employers. It is intricately designed to attract top talents who are willing to take on new challenges while also giving them the opportunity to expand their skills and learn, particularly on day-to-day duties.


Halal Competency Programme

A Halal programme that is focused on specific competencies or skills required in managing Halal integrity for businesses. The skills are put together into modules and typically at the end, the learner receives some form of qualification or certification. The programme shifts the focus from the trainer to trainee, from that of “a sage on the stage” to a “guide on the side”.


Halal Governance Programme

A Halal programme for today’s volatile business environment, that organisations need board members or top management with the expertise to guide them towards sustainable value creation in the Halal business. It is a unique programme to help directors hone their Halal skills and enable more effective and high-performance Halal governance in an increasingly fast-changing world.



A virtual Halal programme with engaging contents that results in learners paying attention and feeling motivated to learn more about the Halal Industry. It is crafted to put newcomers in the driving seat and increase engagement. A responsive programme for the modern participants that allows learning at any time on any device, thus respecting participants’ time to fit it in during busy day

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