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Today’s global world and competitive market places the development of human capital development one of the important aspects for business survival. Managing businesses in the ever-expanding Halal market against the backdrop of uncertainty in social, political and economic aspects necessitate the continuous updates of skill sets and qualifications.

Growing fast and getting market share without adapting the market changes is no longer an option for halal businesses. Thus, human capital development is a significant ingredient to economic growth to drive these changes.

HDC’s Halal training programmes are designed to suit the current business needs and is continuously updated to synchronise with the changes in the market.

Since the inception of HDC Halal Training in 2008, we have trained 60,000 personnel worldwide through our programmes. Amongst them are the 10,000 talents certified Halal Knowledge Personnel. Our bespoke training programmes cover the Halal Industry Best Practices, Benchmarked Halal Training Modules, Career Enhancement Through Halal, as well as Halal Education for Students.

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